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Codeine 30mg is a drug which has the effects to cure the problems of mild or moderate pain. The drug can also be used in combination with some other medicines to cure the problem of coughing of a person. Codeine is a type of medicine that belongs to the class of medicines called opiate and antitussives. You can buy Codeine 30mg online for the treatment of such moderate pain. Codeine for sale

The medicine, when combined with other medicines of acetaminophen, would then work as a treatment for a cough and cold medication.

Dosage :

The medication of Codeine can be taken as orally as you buy Codeine 60mg online and the prescription with it will also mention instructions. The medicine is taken in every 4 to 6 hours according to the need of yours. You would also require to talk to your doctor and discuss your physical health. If you seem to be not doing well physically or mentally, then your doctor should know this condition. Also, you must know the fact that the medication should stop suddenly once you start the dosage on a regular basis.

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